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percent is the predicted reduction in staple crop yields due to global warming.
percent is the expected increase in the global demand for water in agriculture by 2050.
percent of global greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to food systems.
billion tons (one third) of food produced globally is wasted every year.
ORGANIGOGO is committed to revolutionizing aquaculture and agriculture through organic, regenerative, and sustainable methods. The organization supports key initiatives like Acqualoop, Orgakinetic, EcofarmIT, and Organitum to encourage eco-friendly practices. By leveraging technology and innovative platforms, ORGANIGOGO strives to reduce environmental impact and improve efficiency, tackling climate change and loss of biodiversity.


Global food crisis: climate change, resource depletion, harmful chemicals. Organic aquaculture-agriculture offers solutions for climate, health, and the economy. Climate change poses a significant threat to food production and environmental sustainability.
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From farm to future: Transforming agri-food systems with sustainability, smart tech, and innovation. A dynamic synergy for bountiful harvests and thriving ecosystems.
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With Us


Our initiatives are working on technology to facilitate knowledge transfer, increase organic production, and provide support and assistance
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We must increase organic productions to achieve a balance with conventional aquaculture-agriculture and make a more significant impact
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Sow change: Volunteer for a sustainable agricultural revolution. Contribute skills to Acqualoop, EcofarmIT, and Smart Aquaculture. Join us in empowering the future.
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We must increase organic productions to achieve a balance with conventional aquaculture-agriculture and make a more significant impact
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The global food system is facing a crisis due to climate change, dwindling natural resources, and reliance on harmful agricultural chemicals. In response, organic agriculture emerges as a promising solution, offering answers to climate change, health, and economic challenges.

Organigogo - Testimonial

The water issue is critically related to climate change. People say that carbon is the currency of climate change. Water is the teeth.
Climate change is not a discrete issue; it's a symptom of larger problems. Fundamentally, our society as currently designed has no future. We're chewing up the planet so fast, in so many different ways, that we could solve the climate problem tomorrow and still find that environmental collapse is imminent.
We are living in the beginning of a mass extinction and our climate is breaking down.
Greta Thunberg
Greta Thunberg Environmental activist

At Organigogo, our mission is not to critique or pass judgment on any production method but to champion the advancement of ecologically sustainable practices in aquaculture and agriculture. We aim to address the significant global imbalance in ecological aquaculture production, recognizing its minimal presence, its detrimental impact on ecosystems, and the escalation of climate change effects.

Building Bridges, Avoiding Conflict

We stand for building bridges and fostering improvement without sparking criticism or conflict. By presenting data and insights illuminating the urgency of ecological practices, we aim to offer alternatives and guidance for producers facing challenges transitioning to more sustainable methods due to technological limitations, knowledge gaps, or lack of support.

We aim to raise awareness and provide support to enhance ecological production processes.

Recognizing Diverse Production Realities

Conventional, super-intensive, or industrialized production methods serve multifaceted purposes, including providing communities with essential food and cultural, economic, and social benefits. We acknowledge the complexities and difficulties faced by fish farmers and agricultural producers firsthand, having experienced their challenges over a decade of work. We focus on providing support and presenting ecological production options as complementary solutions for a sustainable future.

Acknowledging and Celebrating Industry Efforts

Organigogo values and recognizes the dedication of aquaculturists and farmers across various production methods, especially those labeled as sustainable. We understand the intricacies and challenges inherent in food production and seek to complement existing options rather than critique or create conflicts. We aim to offer ecological production possibilities in response to the urgent climate change situation and the critical need to preserve ecosystems.

Constructive Criticism for Positive Change

Critiques or observations are only meaningful when accompanied by actionable proposals for improvement. We aim to identify challenges, offer solutions, and recognize the hard work of all fishermen, aquaculturists, and farmers. We extend our gratitude for their service and provide opportunities to implement ecologically sustainable aquaculture practices.

We invite you to join us in navigating toward a future where ecological sustainability is at the heart of aquaculture and agriculture, ensuring a healthier planet and thriving ecosystems for future generations. Let's work together to create positive change in the industry.

Discover Our Commitment to Positive Change
Learn more about our mission, vision, and the innovative solutions we bring to sustainable farming. Explore how we integrate technology, promote ecological balance, and empower entrepreneurs to create a resilient and regenerative future.

Why Organigogo?

By supporting our initiatives, you create a more sustainable and resilient future!


Organigogo empowers individuals to lead sustainable innovation in aquaculture, agriculture, and environmental stewardship.
Sponsors are pivotal in building resilient food systems and ensuring access to nutritious food for future generations.
By supporting Organigogo, sponsors fuel innovation in sustainable practices and technologies.
Sponsors become part of a global movement committed to sustainability and inspire transformative change.
By joining Organigogo, supporters leave an indelible impact on the environment, society, and the future of food production.
By supporting Organigogo, sponsors contribute to shaping a sustainable future for food production and environmental stewardship.
Organigogo allows individuals to create meaningful change and make a sustainable difference.
Supporters indirectly stimulate green economies, fostering job creation and economic growth through sustainable practices.
Organogogo's initiatives boost a greener future by preserving natural resources and mitigating the effects of climate change.